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5 common roofing problems

Top 5 roofing problems and how to avoid them.

Whether you live in a rental home, you’re a new home owner or you have owned your house for some time, you need to know why certain problems arise and what to look out for to proactive in taking care of your roof. In this post, I’m going to tackle the five most common roofing issues that my team and I have seen over the past 20 years in business.

  1. Leaks. This is the most common roofing issue that I see. I’ve walked into homes that have several minor leaks and homes that half their ceiling has major water damage and is starting to mold. Any leaking issues need to be addressed immediately by a professional. If you are having a hard time finding a dependable, trustworthy contractor, read this post. To prevent leaks from happening, check that your attic is well ventilated to promote airflow. This will ensure that moisture does not get trapped. Do a routine inspection every six months and after every storm to see if any trouble spots need attention, before things get bad. And lastly, keep those gutters clean!
  2. Flapping shingles. We’ve all seen those pesky shingles that seem to be flipped up all of the time. This issue can be remedied by using a bit of cement glue and nail and hammer. It may seem a bit daunting, but there are many videos on Youtube that detail exactly how you can do it on your own. When in doubt, call a contractor out for a free inspection before attempting any roofing repairs.
  3. Dark streaks. This is is not a health risk for your roof, but it looks unsightly. I get so many calls and questions about this, that I decided to write a whole post about it here.
  4. Shoddy workmanship. If you are just discovering the world of home improvements and maintenance, you may be realizing how much it takes keep your home looking beautiful. In the midst of up keeping your roof, you may find some flashing that has come up, shingles that were supposed to be installed by a professional and other areas that just don’t look right. This is common. Subcontractors may get paid by the job instead of the hour and so they prefer to rush through things. This ties in with my first point. If you are in need of a professional contractor that is there to do the job right, check out this post to boost your confidence when finding and hiring a roofing and construction contractor.
  5. Loss of granules. This last one is one of the most dangerous for a roof. I’ve written a bit about the causes of loss of granules but I’ll give you the rundown here. First, just know that loss of roofing granules is normal. It’s usually caused by weathering. But unusual amounts of granule loss, is primarily caused by poor quality asphalt and hail. If you think you have a problem on your hands, call a professional, asap.

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