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home improvement ideas during quarantine

Things to do during quarantine? | DIY quarantine home improvement projects.

Pinterest is full of cool DIY home decor projects and fun activities to do at home, but I’m here to bring you a list of very productive things that you can do now for your home. I’ve been working as a roofing, construction and home improvement contractor for more than twenty years now, so I know a few things that you can do without having to call in an expert. Here are three things that you can do right now to stay sane and give yourself something to do, to feel like you’ve accomplished something after all of this is over.

List of things to do for your roof during the quarantine:

  1. First, clean out your gutters. After what seems like an eternity of winter, we are starting to see new growth this spring as well as tons of overhanding branches and moss build up. To keep critters and plants from getting to your roof, clean your gutters. It’s vital that all of the rain that comes during the spring showers, has somewhere to go. If not, the valleys and divots on your roof will start to fill up with water and cause some serious damage.
  2. Next, Marie Kondo the crap out of your attic. Get all of those old magazines and science projects out of there and dust, put in some shelving and keep everything away from the walls and ceiling. A well-ventilated attic will allow all of the trapped water to evaporate more easily and prevent leaks and mold from starting. More often than not, I see the most forgotten part of the house, the attic, cause the most problems to a roof. So, bite the bullet and get the whole family involved to keep your roof and attic looking spiffy.
  3. Lastly, remember that moss I was telling you about? Yeah, during the winter all of the snow, frost and rain doesn’t have enough time to dry out between the next storm. This, as I say, causes moss and other botanical growth to appear. It’s not necessarily dangerous to your roof, but neither is dust in your home. It just looks bad and who wants to see it on their roof? Not I. I’ve written a blogpost all about the streaks and moss that you see and how to get rid of them, which I’ll have linked below, but I’ll give you the shorthand here. It’s caused by a roof being too wet and mushy for too long. You can prevent most of it from happening by applying zinc strips to the ridge caps of your roof. And to get rid of them once you’ve got them, rinse your roof with water (do not, I repeat DO NOT pressure wash your roof as it can cause serious damage), And brush it down with a broom or roofing brush. Next, mix together a water to bleach ratio of 3:1. Spray it or sweep it onto your roof. Leave it for not more than a half hour as it can start to damage shingles. Rinse it twice, and viola!

Well, there you have it, my three quarantine roofing improvement projects. Be sure to do only what you feel comfortable with as some of these ideas can get a bit dangerous if you’re not comfortable or haven’t done them before.

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