Welcome To GLB Roofing & Construction

At GLB Roofing and Construction, we know that remodeling your home can be an unnerving process. As such, we do everything we can to make the process simple and expedient for you. After all, we know you are anxious to have your homes back and better than before with your upgraded kitchen, bathroom, or added rooms. We have been performing home remodeling work for over 20 years, so we know how to help you through the entire process start to finish so it goes smoothly and easily.

Many homeowners do not trust contractors due to poor past experiences. However, here at GLB Roofing and Construction, we stand by our word. We guarantee it. When we say we will do something, we get it done right! We also do our absolute best to complete our home remodeling jobs within the time frame we state up front. We do not drag on for weeks and weeks, leaving your wondering when life can return to normal.