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Roof Cleaning | The good, the bad and the worst…

During these times, we are all taking on home improvement projects to stay sane. We even made a home improvement checklist that you should do during quarantine (found here). But what are some downsides to cleaning your roof and some upsides that you may already know or have never heard of before? I’m here to give you a few ups and downs that I’ve seen owners face when they clean their roofs on their own.

  1. The good. Aside from the fact that cleaning out gutters and getting your roof fixed up is great exercise and keeps you from going stir crazy during these times, it prevents mold and promotes airflow. Mold is not particularly harmful to your roof, but it’s unsightly and who wants it, right. I get questions so often like “Why does my roof look streaky?” and “Why is there clumps of stuff growing on my roof?” that I’ve written a blogpost dedicated to answering these questions and how to fix the problems. Another great upside to cleaning your roof is that you’ll save some money. How much depends mostly on the region and contractor that you find. Lastly, it’ll allow you to see which areas of your roof need special attention and if any trouble areas are getting worse.
  2. The bad. These points are more inconveniences than anything, but they are worth mentioning. First, cleaning gutters and washing your roof as well as anything else that you need to do for your roof can take hours. I’m talking five to six hours. You may also run the risk of falling or hurting yourself. If you are inexperienced, you may run into problems that only a professional roofer can fix and then you’ve wasted a lot of time by then. As I say, it all depends on how much experience you have and how much patients you have to put into the project at hand.
  3. The worst. Some of the most common mistakes that I’ve seen that owners do while cleaning their roofs is that they power wash it. This is very destructive for your roof, it can age it up to ten years before its time. The only option that I recommend is to clean your roof with bleach water solution. But again, you may run into a problem if the bleach is not thoroughly rinsed off and the foliage growing around the sides of your house are not washed down. Keep in mind that bleach can hurt just about anything given the chance. Another issue is that I’ve seen owners damage their gutters unknowingly while cleaning them. Depending on the damage that was caused, the cost of repairing them may be more than it cost to call a professional out to clean the gutters instead.

Given these points, if you feel confident and have had some experience cleaning your roof, go for it! Just remember to call your roofer with any serious questions and stay safe!

What makes me an expert?

My family and I have owned a family operated roofing and construction company in Austin, Tx for over 20 years. I’ve seen my share of botched home improvement projects and I’ve worked with owners to do it mostly on their own. If you live in the Austin area give us a call today and get your free roofing quote. *Exclusions apply.

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