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How it Works

  • Input the approximate square footage of your home (Ground floor only)
  • Estimate the pitch of your roof
  • (If you want to be exact, check below for measuring pitch.)
  • Indicate what type of material you want on your roof

Our calculator will multiply the approximate square footage of your roof by the cost/sqft. of the material you select to create an estimate of full roof replacement cost*. Then, click the “Next” button to forward this information to an expert at 
GLB Roofing and Construction  to get a quote that takes your home’s specific needs into account.

*There are other factors that affect the actual square footage of the roofing materials to be replaced, such as roof overhangs and covered porches. There are also other cost items not factored into our calculator such as ventilation products, flashing needs, skylights, and other accessories. Therefore, actual written proposals may vary.

How to Measure Your Roof’s Pitch

  • Measure a horizontal distance of 12 inches (from the outside edge of your roof directly up the slope). This is called the run of your roof.
  • Make a marking at exactly 12 inches. You can use chalk, a pencil, or removable tape. Extend a level line from the 12-inch mark, suspended in air, that reaches back towards the edge of your roof.
  • Measure the distance vertically from the end of the level line downwards towards the edge of your roof. This is called the rise of your roof.
  • The rise (vertical measurement) over 12 inches of run (horizontal movement) determines the pitch of your roof. (For our general estimating purposes a LOW pitch equals 3/12-5/12, MEDIUM 6/12-9/12 and HIGH 10/12- 12/12)

    Total Price: $