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how to take care of your roof in five steps

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Roof During Winter

Taking care of your roof should be the top priority when it comes to home care. During the winter months, this can be one of the most difficult things to do, as it may be hidden by ice or snow. Harsh weather can prevent you from taking care of your roof when it needs protection the most. Here are our tips to help you do to take preventative measures in caring for your roof.

1. Check The Attic

The attic? That’s right! If proper measures aren’t taken, the insolation and ventilation in your attic can cause serious damage to your roof. Check your attic once a month to make sure airflow is kept up and the insolation is still in tact and looks good.

2. Clear Your Roof Off

If you live in an area where you haven’t gotten snow yet, then the best thing to do is clean off all tree branches, piles of leaves and anything else that might have flown up there. This will encourage water and ice to flow off of your roof and keep your shingles in tact for as long as possible. And a cleaner roof, means fewer breeding grounds for bacteria and mold that can cause serious permanent damage.

But what if you’ve already gotten snow? This also applies to you. Clean snow off as often as possible to give your roof a chance to air out before the next storm!

3. Wind: The Silent Killer

I know, a little dramatic! But let me tell you, wind is one of the most prominent causes of extreme roof damage. Be sure to check before and after a storm to see if anything has flown up onto your roof. These objects can hinder water and ice flow. Also check if any shingles have been torn off, broken or flipped up. Keep a sharp eye out, as any damaged areas are the perfect place for extremely harmful mold and bacteria to grow.

4. Clean Out Those Gutters

This is one of the simplest tasks that you can do to ensure that your roof stays in tact. Once your roof has been cleaned off, work on your gutters. This is also another difficult thing to stay on top of during the winter months, but also one of the most important. Huge mossy clumps can start forming and wreaking havoc on the rest of the roof if the gutters get backed up. Make sure that the drain pipes are also kept free and clear of debris as much as possible.

5. Call In A Professional

As I said at the beginning of this post, winter is one of the most difficult seasons to care for your roof. Staying on top of things and remaining confident is stressful. Call a professional that will take half the time to work and ensure your safety and confidence in your roof.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

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